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The Farm

"A Little Slice of Heaven"
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Back To Earth Farm

"A place to reconnect with nature and renew"

Back To Earth Farm came to be through the serendipitous union of a search for how to physically feel great and how to impact the earth in a positive direction. We do that by providing nutrient dense food, a place to visit or stay and renew in nature, education, speaking events, and participating in policy level groups that effect the food systems.   


Back To Earth Farm is a 110 acres nestled along the banks of the Uwharrie River in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. We have pastures, ponds, pine forests, walking trails, and places to hide out and enjoy the beauty of nature at its finest. We fully appreciate that we are merely stewards of this land. Our sustainable farm model has us focused on healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people. We believe that our farm can set an example of providing fantastic quality products while honoring our environment and creating renewing experiences in nature for the soul. We hope to leave the land and people healthier than when we arrived. 

HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT: We manage the land with a view of keeping the social, environmental, and economic impacts in balance.

REGENERATIVE PRACTICES: We utilize practices that regenerate the health of the earth. Grasslands are nature's foundation for preserving our expanses of fertile land. We believe the prairie's natural bio-diverse habitat works in symbiosis to protect and build the precious layer of fertile topsoil which the world depends on for food production.


STEWARDSHIP: We are merely stewards of the land and our own health. We aim to leave it better than we found it and encourage others to do the same. We hope everyone looks into where their food comes from & develops a connection with local farmers & food producers.


ANIMAL HUMANITY: Animals are raised roaming in open pastures in as natural a way as possible and are never sold into "CAFO's" or confined animal feed operations. 


CONNECTION: We believe health starts in the soil and

  • healthy soils = healthy plants

  • healthy plants = healthy animals

  • healthy animals = healthy people

  • healthy people = healthy communities


COMMUNITY: We believe buying local and building relationships helps build community and supports us all.


TRANSPARENCY: What you put in your body is one of the main determinants of your health and quality of life. We view bringing food to the table as a responsibility. We like to build trusting partnerships with customers and welcome anyone that would like to learn and see where their food comes from. 

WHOLE HEALTH: Good quality of life relies on healthy body, mind, and spirit. We offer products and experiences that touch on all aspects.


HEALTHY FOOD SYSTEMS: Health is a personal responsibility but we want to make healthy food systems and environments easily available for all and work towards this. 



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