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Our Story

Back To Earth Farm

A place to reconnect with nature and all that sustains a vibrant life 

Back To Earth Farm came to be through the serendipitous union of a search for how to physically feel great and how to impact the earth in a positive direction. In 2013, Tom and Janice started Back To Earth Farm with a vision of regenerating the health of the land through animal impact, and creating a place where people can come to rejuvenate, heal, or just get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. 

We named Back To Earth Farm so you can get Back to whatever you need, peace, joy, rest, you fill in the blank. 
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Tom Henslee

Back To Earth Farm, Co-founder

Tom is a part time attorney and part time farmer/healthy food systems advocate. Often times they are both really full time jobs. When Janice was diagnosed and started looking at regenerating her physical health through natural means, Tom began the journey with her by learning where his food comes from, and pursuing his interest of managing land in a way that regenerates health. He and Janice quickly learned that what she was learning gave health to the body was also what he was learning gave health to the soil and land.  


At the start of the journey they knew knowing where you food comes from is integral to putting only nutrient dense foods in your body. It led them down a path of learning what foods they wanted to eat, meeting the farmers that grew them, supporting and advocating for small farmers, attending sustainable agriculture conferences, and working at policy levels for changes in the food system. They learned all aspects of managing land from Holistic Management, Inc, Joel Salatin, Betsy Ross, and others. Tom studied many grass fed beef gurus and how to renew the health of the land through animal impact. Then one day they left the city, bought a farm and became farmers. 

Tom has been involved with policy level issues for over 10 years. He has worked with and is currently president of the board of FARFA - Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance is a national organization that supports independent family farmers and protects a healthy and productive food supply for American consumers. FARFA promotes common sense policies for local, diversified agricultural systems. 

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Janice Henslee

Back To Earth Farm, Co-founder

About 14 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. It sent me on a journey of discovery of what restores and maintains health. It turns out it isn't just one magic bullet that creates health. It is a balance of synergistic elements and lifestyle choices related to body, mind, & spirit. I find it easier to experience the renewal of all in nature. So we hope to create a place of healing and renewal at Back To Earth Farm. 


After following a whole plan including detoxing, restoring health at the cellular level, and maintaining it, I have enjoyed good health ever since.


Since then we have traveled to many places learning and trying different diagnostic and treatment methodologies. I obtained a naturopath degree and became a certified yoga instructor. We tried many ways of eating, changed the way we eat, how we process stress, began doing what we are passionate about and have grown in our connection with the earth and with community. 

At Back To Earth Farm, we are creating a place where people can get back to nature, rejuvenate, have fun, spend time with family & friends, learn, heal, eat nutritious food, be physical, reconnect with what they are passionate about, and get back to an energy filled life.  


Man with Guitar
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Nathan Dunn

Back To Earth Farm, Farm Manager

Nathan grew up in Greensboro, NC.  In 2020, after Highschool graduation, he enlisted in the US Navy and started bootcamp.  During his two years of service, he deployed with Amphibious Squadron One onboard USS Essex.  Following his Honorable Discharge, he decided to pursue a newly developed interest in regenerative agriculture.  He moved from where he was stationed in San Diego, CA to Asheboro, NC, and began his apprenticeship at Back to Earth Farm.  He recently graduated from the Boots on the Ground apprenticeship program, which provides veterans with educational opportunities to supplement on the job training.  Nathan's experience at Back To Earth Farm has been a blessing from the Lord to be able to steward His creation and provide people with healthy, nutrient-dense food while experiencing the healing that comes from livestock on the land.

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The Animals

Back To Earth Farm, Workers

Our animals are integral in maintaining the health of the land. They mow, fertilize, stir up microbial activity, and improve water retention in the soil. Please enjoy this video of us moving them to new grasses.  

Our Hopes and Dreams

For you and ourselves:


We dream of one day having access to a healthy food supply system and living environments that supports abundant health for all.​ That we experience the joys of everyday living and the creations of the day moment by moment. That we have peace and vibrant health in body, mind, and spirit and can energetically offer what we have to the world. That Back To Earth Farm will be a place that participates in the healthy food supply system and is a place for for all to come and reconnect with nature and peace.  

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